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All puppies regardless of sex or color are $2,500

We require a $500 Nonrefundable deposit to be on our waiting list 

Deposits are made through Cash App; our Cash App user name and email will be either emailed or texted to you (your preference)

the $500 is taken from the original cost of the puppy leaving a balance

of $2000 due in cash on pick up

At this time we are operating from a waiting list, with a wait of 6 month to a year.

There are too many variables involved with raising puppies to give a definite time frame; as much as we would love to!

 I need to speak with anyone prior to making a deposit and being

placed on the waiting list.

we will set a mutually convenient time for a phone interview

for additional information or to request a phone interview email us at

Puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks. Any different time frame must be discussed with Sheri at the time of the phone interview. Providing it does not interfere with our prior plans, arrangements can be made to hold a puppy at a cost of $10.00 per day up to 14 days.

We do not ship puppies

After careful consideration we have made the choice not to ship puppies due to the chance of trauma or death for the puppy

Realizing many of our clients travel distances to pick up their puppies,

we are willing to travel within a 100 mile radius of Johnson City Tn 

where we are located and meet part way

We use Google to determine a pick up point within the 100 miles

favored pickup places are Ashville NC, Strawberry Plains TN (close to Knoxville) 

and Boone NC

Arrangements can be made for farther distances up to an additional 200 miles

at a cost of $1.00 per mile

If at any time after taking a puppy home, a owner decides they cannot for any reason keep the puppy, Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos will take the puppy back. There is no refund, but we under no circumstances will allow one of our puppies to be committed to a shelter, or put into a bad living circumstance.

If a buyer decides to transfer ownership of the puppy to a third party, Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos must be notified.


Puppies are a huge commitment and responsibility


Please make sure the family is on board in your decision making to avoid any change of minds later. It's very easy to be seduced by the beauty and charms of a puppy and be shocked later by the work and time required to properly care for them. Please read our page ENS for more information on the effects of a puppy left alone for too long of a period, and the lack of handling and love.



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