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 Family-Owned Business

We are a small family owned breeder nestled in the Northeast Tennessee foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. committed to rearing the healthiest, happiest Maltipoo puppies possible. Our goal is to place a lifelong companion capable of giving and receiving many years of joy, love and companionship to those who have made the decision to bring a small part of our Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos family into your family. 

About Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos

Here in the foothills of the Tennessee Appalachian Mountains we operate a very small kennel, breeding first generation Maltipoos.

We currently have four females; our females are purebred Maltese, and our only sire at the moment is a AKC registered red miniature poodle.

Our puppies range from cream to apricot, and many combinations of the two; they average 8-11 pounds at adulthood.

Being a hybrid combination of Maltese and Poodle; Maltipoos benefit from hybrid vigor. Meaning nature tends to select the more positive gene from the two giving our first generation Maltipoo puppy the best qualities from our Maltese mothers and Poodle father.

They are happy, playful energetic dogs who love a good romp, but are also extremely affectionate and love to be on the lap of their people for long cuddles and naps.

Maltipoos are not suited to living outdoors, but are indoor dogs who crave the company of their people.

They have a long and usually very healthy life with a lifespan average of 15 years, and are virtually non shedding; and considered hypo-allergenic. With a gentle brushing a couple times a week, and bi weekly baths you won't see hair in your home. 

Our females live in a custom built kennel that has tile flooring, with in-floor heat and window AC, and cheerful mountain scenes painted on the walls. Their kennel is flooded with natural light and provides them with a comfortable environment. When weather permits they spend their days in their outside chain link kennel together; and romp in our yard for 30-60 minuets twice a day. They take turns coming into our home for grooming and individual cuddling and attention. 

Our females spend the last couple of weeks of their pregnancy in our home up through the birth, rearing and weaning of their puppies.

Our dogs have a wonderful team of Veterinarians and Techs with Pinecrest Veterinarian Clinic in Johnson City TN  who are 100% supportive giving them high quality care.


We stay in close contact with our puppy owners; beginning with our females pregnancy, updates are given along with photos and videos. If they choose, our puppy owners are notified when our mommies are in labor, and text updates when possible during the birth. Weekly pictures and videos are posted on Facebook for owners to see, and at 6 weeks we do a "glamour" photo shoot to provide beautiful puppy pictures that are texted or  emailed to our puppy's owners.

We use a technique with our puppies developed by the US Army called Early Neurological Stimulation.  See our separate page for details on the benefits of ENS.

All of our puppies go to their forever homes at 8 weeks of age;  with their first Veterinarian check up with our vet Pinecrest Veterinarian Clinic in Johnson City Tennessee. They will have their first in a series of immunization shots and worming. We put together a "goodie bag" with a few days supply of Purina Pro Plan Puppy food that our puppies are fed, a fleece blankie with their mommies and litter mates scent on for comfort during the adjustment period, and a toy they are familiar with. 

A folder is provided with their shot record, and vet notes from their check up with our veterinarian, and a info pack.


Appalachian Mountain Maltipoos offer a one year replacement health guarantee against

LIFE THREATENING congenital defects. A veterinarian report on official letterhead must be submitted 

stating the life threatening congenital defect, and proof in the form of lab reports, and xray/ultrasound

these will be reviewed by our veterinarian to determine if the condition is as stated. If it is determined that the puppy does have a life threatening congenital defect a replacement will be offered from the next available puppies.

We do have a waiting list

(see terms and conditions)

Because our puppies are lovingly raised in our home, healthy and well socialized with multiple adults, and children, other dogs; our puppies have made a name for themselves and are spoken for before they are even conceived. 

If interested in a puppy email Sheri at to set a time for a phone interview. ALL prospective puppy owners must have a phone interview. We do ask questions about your family and how the puppy will live; this is to make sure we are releasing a puppy into a good home where it will have a full and happy life.

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